Thursday, March 4, 2010


This is the wooden lattice really close to my room, at the orientation camp. You can see many countries' flags behind it.
And next is some of us sleeping on Saturday night, the night after the earthquake, outside on mattresses.

These are pictures of the destruction we saw on the way to Santiago.

Here we are, the 11 AFSers from the US. the morning we left the orientation camp

There will be more to come with the next post I think!


  1. Katherine CollierMarch 6, 2010 at 9:26 PM

    Hi Sally it's Katherine Collier! I just read all of your posts, and I think what you're doing is possibly the coolest thing ever. You are so strong and brave for going through all of this, and it just proves that you are a beyond amazing person. We will all miss you so much but this is such a great adventure you are embarking on, and it all seems to exciting yet scary but fascinating. I love you girlie, and will continue to read every word you post on this thing until you come back. I cannot wait. Have fun, be safe, but also go crazy. Because you are crazy. Love always and forever CT Sally. Love, CT Katherine

  2. katherine, you have no idea how happy your comment just made me. and it was wierd timing, because my sister is listening to yellow, which reminds me of you, im not sure why....
    but i love you and i like how you explained who you are, since your user name is "katherine collier" <3